The Garden - Cultivate and Mulch

Although you may think it is time to plant annuals, it is still too early! Even though it has been warm, it is important to remember that our frost date is not until May 9th. Due to the uncertainty of our temperatures, keep an eye on them as we could still get a frost and you will be stuck replacing your plants. In order to prevent this, you can always move your pots indoors or cover them with burlap, cardboard boxes, or even newspapers for protection. 


It is good to turn the soil in your beds in early spring while it is still soft and moist. Keep your existing plants in mind when doing this to avoid damaging their root systems. It is always nice to freshen up your garden for the upcoming season by applying a new layer of mulch. No more than two inches thick is recommended. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! 

Michele Fabik