Will You Go to Prom with Me?!

Handtied bouquets, wristlet corsage or boutonniere - which one will you need? Handtied bouquets, or nosegay, include a grouping of selected flowers that coincide with the season and the style and color of the dress. Wristlet corsages are created to accent the color of the dress, as well as free your hands from carrying a bouquet. As for the young men, a boutonniere is typically the bud of a flower, basically picked straight from the garden and pinned to the lapel! It is a floral decoration that coordinates with your date’s flowers. 


When ordering, the colors of the dress or the young man’s tie are important, as well as, jewelry or any accents on shoes. By providing this, we can customize your flowers accordingly. The best way to order is to trust your florist, who has a fabulous eye for color, and let them work their magic. Besides color, the only other aspect to consider is price point. Typically, bouquets start at $50 and boutonnieres start at $12, and go up with more sophisticated designs and flowers. Consider how significant the prom is (ie. junior vs. senior) when deciding what you want to spend. Otherwise, take lots of pictures and always have two boutonniere pins in case you lose one! 

Michele Fabik